From working exclusively with organizations over a number of years, we’ve put together a list of services that we get asked most about. We call these the Purplecode HR Essentials. What we love about our work is that no two businesses are ever the same. Therefore the solutions we offer are customized to meet the needs and budgets of your business so you don’t have to pay for more than you need.

HR Diagnosis

Just like any other parts of your business, you need to assess and minimize risk of your HR practices. Our HR Health Check is an independent and objective evaluation of the efficiency and quality of your company´s HR practices, including compliance with the legal requirements. It will also highlight potential areas for HR activities to add value to your business.

We will visit your premises to conduct an audit of your current HR practices and policies to ascertain the HR health of the business and any risks you may be exposed to.

HR Framework & Business Effectiveness

All businesses need the basic building blocks for employing staff and running smooth day to day operations. We can help small business owners by creating and navigating through essential HR frameworks such as:

  • Employee Handbook
  • Job Descriptions
  • Employment Contracts
  • Personnel Record Management
  • Leave Management
  • Employee Survey
  • Performance Reviews etc

We act as a critical friend; challenging assumptions and helping you look at innovative ways to deliver your strategy in the most effective manner.

Talent Management

Talent Management has been on CEO’s top 10 challenge list for years. Now is the opportunity to ensure that your organization is attracting and retaining the best and the brightest. Purplecode Essentials offer a comprehensive talent management service headed by seasoned consultants.

We act as your business partners to gain a solid understanding of your talent needs and advise on the most appropriate course of action.

Purple HR Helpline

Sometimes all you need is an approachable HR expert that you can call or email when you have an HR problem or need some personnel advice. Purplecode HR will provide you with invaluable help and advice covering a range of common HR issues including:

  • Reviewing current HR framework
  • Advice on specific HR situation
  • Access to our HR resources & essentials
  • One on one meetings at your offices

HR Clinics & Workshop

It is important for businesses to constantly need to equip their supervisors, develop their leaders and train their workforce so that they position the organization for growth. With that in mind, we design HR clinics and workshops suited to your organizational needs and provide practical advice and tools that can immediately be put to use in the workplace.

HR Mastermind Group

There is too much talk and not enough action in our industry. The issues we have been facing over the last 10 years have not really changed. The focus of Purplecode HR Mastermind Group is to bring a group of HR professionals together to form an active HR community. We believe this platform is great for sharing ideas and knowledge.

Whether it is asking for feedback or discussing your point of view, it will help you expand your knowledge and allow you to see things from another perspective. It is also likely that within a group there will be those who have already been where you are today. This provides you with an opportunity to learn and avoid some of the common pitfalls they experienced.